Common Auto Repairs

Common auto repairs

What do you do when a warning light comes on in your car dashboard? What about when you hear a strange sound or rattle, or something just does not seem right? Even the most basic car repairs can seem crazy confusing, but do not panic. We can help you figure out what is going on and how to fix it. We have all needed auto repairs when we least expected them. In fact, it is our unwavering quest to make your auto repairs as few and far between as possible and that makes us the leading auto mechanic in Mesa, AZ.

The next time you prepare to take a trip in your car, you may want to spend a few minutes reviewing this list of common auto repairs so you can be ready to avoid them. Even if you just drive to and from work each day, you can expect to have some problems sooner or later. The average lifespan of a car or truck is somewhere around 150,000 miles, so it is likely you will be doing some repairs before your vehicle reaches that point.

Common Auto Repairs

We all hate having to take our cars in for repair, but sometimes it is just unavoidable. With the cost of gas these days, it is a good idea to get the most life out of your car engine as you can. And, even if you take good care of your car, it is possible to have some Auto problems with it that you might not be able to figure out. That is where we come in. We offer a full range of auto repair services. We are qualified to work on any make or model of vehicle. Here is a partial list of common auto repairs:

1. Oil Change and Filter
2. Wiper Blade Replacement
3. Replace Air Filter
4. Scheduled Maintenance
5. New Tires
6. Battery Replacement
7. Brake Work
8. Antifreeze Added
9. Engine Tune-Up
10. Wheel Alignment
11. Check Engine Light Service
12. Brake Repairs
13. Coolant System Repairs
14. Alternator Repair
15. Car Electrical Repair

Cost of Car Repairs

Car repairs can be expensive if they are not done soon. A new alternator part alone costs around $200 or more, and it requires at least an hour of labor to install. A new gas tank is another $230 at the minimum, and that requires another hour or more of labor. A new ignition coil costs around $100, plus another hour of labor. So, if you are going to invest the time and money to repair your car, you should choose a reputable local auto repair shop. We back our work with a solid guarantee.

There are many types of problems that cars can have, so a lot of people do not know what repairs their car needs. Automotive repair is not typically a topic that makes you jump for joy, but you cannot avoid the topic forever. Eventually, you are going to have to repair your car. When that time comes, we are reasonable, honest and provide top quality car and truck repair services.

The Best Way to Avoid Auto Repair Problems

The term “common auto repairs” can mean a million things depending on who you ask. “Common” can be qualified in several ways, for instance. Is a repair common if it is a recurring problem? Is it common if it is the most common repair in the industry? Is it common if it’s a repair you can do yourself? The answer to all these questions is “yes.” We all hate having to take our vehicle into the car repair shop, but it is part of owning a vehicle. One of the more common repairs that people need to be done to their vehicles is for new tires. New tires are an important safety feature for your vehicle, and it is important to take care of them. The most common auto repairs are also the ones that can be most expensive when not handled properly. Understanding the symptoms and dealing with them at the first sign is the only way to avoid big costs down the road. From auto air conditioner and heater issues to radiator and water pump problems, we have you covered.